Massimo Basilavecchia

Curriculum vitae

University Full Professor in Tax Law since 2001 at the Faculty of Law at Teramo University.  Instructor in Tax Law since 2009 and eventually reaching the Faculty of Law at Romes LUISS Guido Carli.
Graduated in Law from Teramo University in 1979, with honors.
Ph.D Graduate in Tax Law at Universit La Sapienza of Rome, 1987.
Customs officer at the Ministry of Finance since 1988.
Administration Magistrate at TT.AA.RR.  from 1988 to 2001.
Various times a member of the arbitral college board and inspection commission and also a member of the Arbitration Camera for the Supervisory Authority to control public contracts.
Collaborates in the practice of study and research for the Tax Studies Commission of the National Notary Council since 2005.
Collaborator and consultant  of Finance Ministers: Gallo in 1993, Fantozzi in 1994-1995, Visco in 1996-1997 and 2006-2008, and Del Turco in 2000.
 Participant on the Commission presided by Professor Rey for the methodological revision of studies in the field in 2007-2008, already being a component of the Board on application for antievasion norms in 2007.
Part of the Ministerial Commission for emanation of decreed delegates on the subject of capital income and tax verification with adhesion in 1996-1997.
Member of the Scientific Commission for the editing of municipal bylaws on the subject of revenue at The Municipality of Rome in 1998.
Member of Ph.D  Teacher Council in Tax Law of Societies, located at LUISS Guido Carli of Rome.  Coordinator at Teramo University of specialization in fiscal proceedings  and trials, and of a two-year multimedia Master course in Tax Law.
Coordinator of the modul Tax Verification and Sactions for  the Master programme in Tax Law organized by IPSOA of Milan.
Teacher of numerous post-graduate courses for training, specialization, and professional adjournment at national universities and organizations.
Speaker in many national congresses from 1989-present.
Part of Board of Directors for the magazine Diritto e pratica tributaria, and of the Scientific Committee for the magazines Rivista di diritto tributario, Giurisprudenza delle imposte, Corriere tributario, Giustizia tributaria, and PQM.